Pregnancy and Labor Support

Pregnancy is a truly amazing and profound rite of passage for women and their partners. During labor, the body initiates a cascade of hormones and endogenous opioids that work harmoniously to guide the baby downward, culminating in the spontaneous birth of a child. A healthy woman is biologically equipped to cope with the pain of a normal labor. However with the advances in medical technology, numerous interventions and devices are now available to us during the labor & birth process. There are numerous forms of pain relief, both pharmacological (drugs) and non-pharmacological (without drugs). Every woman has the right to play a central role in her pregnancy and the birth of her child. Therefore we encourage women to learn about the natural birth process, as well as the various interventions offered by their obstetrician, midwife, or place of birth. When women increase their understanding of the birth process and the numerous options they have, they're able to make informed decisions that help shape a positive and empowered birth experience. Each woman's experience is unique, and each journey is deeply personal. No single way is the "right" way. We honor a woman's right to state her birth wishes, and will do our part to support her whether she opts for pharmacological management or minimal interventions.

Our Philosophy

Our Pregnancy and Labor Services


Comprehensive Holistic Support for a Healthy Pregnancy


We can assist in a healthy pregnancy by decreasing associated discomforts, reducing stress, balancing the pelvis, and strengthening the body's energy and stamina in preparation for labor. We suggest starting treatment as early as the 1st trimester for common pregnancy discomforts. To help prepare for labor and birth, we suggest starting acupuncture in the second trimester. Acupuncture is ideal for treating pain and discomfort during pregnancy because it is drug-free, safe, and gentle. Licensed acupuncturists are trained to avoid select acupuncture points during pregnancy, maximizing  its safety and making it an appropriate supportive therapy during pregnancy. Nikoo has received additional postgraduate training in obstetric acupuncture & herbs from Raven Lang (midwife and licensed acupuncturist) and registered nurse and acupuncturist Debra Betts, as well as Birth Doula training with midwife Abigail Reagan at Natural Resources in San Francisco, CA. She also trained with midwife Gail Tully in "Spinning Babies" techniques, which help to optimize fetal position (and help baby navigate for an easier birth). Nikoo provides non-judgmental & compassionate care which includes: holistic nutrition, safe herbal options, lifestyle recommendations, and practical solutions to reduce discomfort & optimize your health during pregnancy & postpartum.


*Numerous insurance companies cover acupuncture services & we bill your insurance directly!*


Common conditions that respond to treatment include but are not limited to:


-"Morning sickness"/pregnancy nausea & vomiting

-Mood swings: sadness, anxiety, fear, irritability, etc.

-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

-Back pain, sciatica, and other musculoskeletal discomfort

-Constipation, heartburn, and other digestive complaints

-Edema/swollen ankles & feet




-Sinus & nasal congestion/pregnancy rhinitis




-Pregnancy gingivitis


-Gestational Diabetes

-Breech presentation

-Delayed labor


For more information on acupuncture & holistic care during pregnancy please see our ARTICLE in the Walnut Creek Patch!




"I got a recommendation from my doula to try Guest House Acupuncture. I started seeing Nikoo and am so impressed. Such a different experience! Nikoo is calm, doesn't rush anything. I just like being in her presence. There is something so comforting about her. She is also super thorough and explains everything she is doing and why. She also gives great recommendations on things to try for certain pregnancy related ailments.


When you first get to the office it's seems very medical as it's in a medical building but once you enter the rooms it's super comfortable and does not feel like a doctors office. They have done a great job at making it feel warm and inviting. I am so happy I have found her! Oh yeah - huge plus: they bill insurance!!!"


-Lindsay C.

Lafayette, CA

Nikoo Saleh Kasmai, MS, L.Ac.

110 La Casa Via, Suite 200, Walnut Creek, CA 94598


"Prior to my delivery date, Nikoo also helped ease all my lower back and hip pain I had while carrying such a big baby.  My insurance covered most of the appointments, so I was able to see her a lot while pregnant (at least once a week).  Anytime I had any joint pain, she would use her magic and make it all disappear."


-Shelbi D.

Bay Area, CA

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Nikoo Saleh Kasmai, MS, L.Ac.

1844 San Miguel Drive, #203, Walnut Creek, CA 94596